Efficacy of Environics Color Slides in Detecting the Color Deficiency and Healing

Sangeeth Somanadhapai *

Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, SGT University, Budhera, Gurugram, India.

Pooja Nirmal Shah

Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, SGT University, Budhera, Gurugram, India.

Tokika Yepthomi

Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, SGT University, Budhera, Gurugram, India.

Sunita Rana

SEL, Gurugram (HR), India.

Manisha Matanhelia

SEL, Gurugram (HR), India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Chromotherapy, also called Color Therapy or Visible Range Radiation Therapy, is a non-pharmacological therapeutic modality that uses various wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation from within the visible spectrum (colors).

Methods & Materials: The study was performed on 65 healthy participants from SGT University, Gurgaon, India. Full, free, and voluntary informed consent was obtained from all subjects and/or their legal guardian(s). Colour deficiency was diagnosed with the help of Environics Colour Slides and an Instrument called Lecher Antenna which works on the principle of resonance. The diagnosis results obtained from color slides and Lecher Antenna, (SBJ International, PARIS) were compared with the results obtained from the Es- Teck Complex, (LD Technology™, US) an FDA-approved Medical Software and Machine.

Results: It was observed that 86.11% of participants showed improvement in their health conditions after using the Environics Colour Slides for the period specified during the diagnosis. It was also observed that there was an 87.69% correlation between the findings of the Environics Colour Slides / Lecher Antenna combination and the ES-Teck Medical Software in identifying the health condition of the participants.

Conclusion: Chromotherapy will greatly benefit from this evidence base and help propagate this alternative treatment modality for the safe, and non-pharmacological treatment of many diseases [5].

Keywords: Chromotherapy, color therapy, electromagnetic radiation, visible spectrum, polychromatic light

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Somanadhapai, S., Shah, P. N., Yepthomi, T., Rana, S., & Matanhelia, M. (2022). Efficacy of Environics Color Slides in Detecting the Color Deficiency and Healing. Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research, 19(4), 11–18. https://doi.org/10.9734/jocamr/2022/v19i4397


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