Attenuation of the Effect of 100 mg Aspirin on Platelet Aggregation in Regular Kava Drinkers

Khatri Vaishali, Christi Ketan, Khan Sabiha, Moulds Robert

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Preliminary Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Screening of Some Medicinal Plants Used in Tuberculosis Treatment and Its Related Symptoms

J. I. Joseph, M. H. Shagal, H. Mukhtar

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Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Prunus avium Extracts against Selected Human Pathogens

A. M. Oyetayo, S. O. Bada

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Current Status of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Use in Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah M. Al-Bedah, Naseem A. Qureshi, Omer Abdulaziz Al-Yahia, Abdullah Al-Saigul, Mohammed Aldoghaim, Ahmed T. El-Olemy, Sulaiman Aleidi, Asim A. Hussein, Ibrahim S. Elsubai, Tamer S. Aboushanab, Gazzaffi I. M. Ali, Ahmed H. Almosilhi, Meshari S. Alqaed, Mohammed Khalil

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Bioactive Agents, Nutraceuticals Potentials, Phytochemistry, and Food Value of Emilia coccinea Leaf: A Review

Viola A. Nwachukwu, Stanley C. Udedi, F. C. Ezeonu, Bartholomew I. C. Brai, Chika Scholastica Ezeanyanaso, Gloria Nwakaego Elemo

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