Effects of Crude Oil Exploration on the Physical and Mental Health of Residents of Okpai Community, Delta State, Nigeria

Okwuezolu, Frederick Adinkwu, Adjene Josiah Obaghwarhievwo, Chime Helen Ego

Page: 1-12
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Hijama Practices and the Perceived Health Benefits among the People of Al-Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia

Khawla Al-luhaidan, M. S. Prarthana

Page: 13-21
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Phytochemical Variation of a Poly-herbal Formula According to Its Preparation Method: Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

R. L. D. S. Ranasinghe, R. H. S. K. De Silva, L. D. A. M. Arawwawala, H. G. S. G. Wijesiriwardhana

Page: 22-28
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Phytochemical Analysis and Antileishmanial Activity of Clerodendrum myricoides and Salvadora persica Plant Extracts against Leishmania major

Esther N. M. Maina, Virginia N. Njau, Yahaya Gavamukulya

Page: 29-44
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Assessment of the Antioxidant Potential of Hypoestes rosea Leaf in Lead-acetate-induced Albino Rats

F. K. Uwikor, E. O. Nwachuku, F. Igwe, E. S. Bartimaeus

Page: 45-55
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