Prof NK Dubey has proved the efficacy of some chemically characterized novel synergistic formulations of essential oils as antimicrobial, aflatoxin suppressors and also their insecticidal and antioxidant properties. He has demonstrated efficacy of the formulations in preventing spoilage of food commodities and herbal raw materials caused by fungal and aflatoxin contaminations. Fungal plasma membrane was identified as active site of action of formulations through ergosterol and SEM/TEM analysis. The formulations proved effective as semiochemicals in reduction of insect infestation, showing antifeedant activity and altering reproductive behavior of bruchids. Based on antioxidant activity, the formulations have been recommended as shelf- life enhancers of food items and herbal raw materials. The formulations were nontoxic to mice as their LD50 values were higher than some synthetic preservatives. The formulations are recommended as safer alternatives to synthetic preservatives in pest management and also in bioprospection of biodiversity in view of deleterious impact of biopiracy of our plant wealth and in claiming sovereign right on biodiversity -a burning national priority.