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Charge for priority delivery (Fast-track processing): Sometimes authors require priority delivery processing of manuscript due to strict deadline of interview / promotion etc. Fast-track peer review does not mean inferior quality peer review or compromising of the peer review process. During Fast-track peer review, the same high quality of the normal peer review is maintained. 

To meet such requests, without compromising the peer review quality, editorial staffs employ additional efforts.

Additional efforts include

1. International telephone calls or WhatsApp calls to potential reviewers to understand their availability for fast track peer review.

2. Normally the total number of contacted potential reviewers for Fast-track peer view is 2-5 times higher than the total number of potential reviewers for normal peer review.

3. Close follow-up of the selected reviewers to ensure the deadlines.

4. During normal peer review minimum one editor takes the final decision. But in case of Fast-track peer review  two editors take the final decision normally. If these two editors want they can take the help of a third editor (if required). Therefore, it can be concluded that more checks are available for Fast-track peer review compared to normal peer review to maintain a high standard of peer review.

Therefore, for such kind of priority delivery processing of manuscripts, authors are required to pay INR 1000 or US$ 30 as additional charge.
(Fast-track processing manuscript submission:-

Payment methods:
1. Bank Payment:  Kindly contact to to know payment instructions for bank wire transfer.

2. Credit Cards

3. Other Payment Methods